Demolition NVQs

Within the Demolition industry, it is critical that all who work there are competent. We offer all NVQs that relate to Demolition from Level 2 through to Level 6.

Demolition NVQs we offer:
Operative Level 2 NVQ cost £600 + VAT.
Topman Level 2 NVQ cost £650 + VAT.
Chargehand Level 3 NVQ cost £700 + VAT.
Demolition Supervisor NVQ cost £800 + VAT.
Demolition Manager NVQ cost £1100 + VAT.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety NVQ is for anyone that works in construction health and safety. We run two NVQs one which is for assistants and inspectors and one for managers as listed below.

Level 3 Health and Safety – £800 + VAT.

Level 6 Occupational Health and Safety Management – £1000 + VAT.

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What is involved in the NVQ?

Once enrolled and registered for the NVQ of your choice, you will be assigned an NVQ assessor. They will make contact with you to discuss exactly what topics will be included within your NVQ. Throughout the NVQ the assessor will work with you to gather any evidence that is required. Most of which will be work that you carry out in your daily duties on sites. You will build a portfolio with this evidence.

Where can I do the NVQ?

It allows flexibility and can be completed remotely for the most part. Some site assessments will need to be conducted; your assessor will visit you on site to do this. Your assessor will maintain contact with you, supporting you and reviewing your progress regularly. You can send your evidence online and communicate with your assessor conveniently via video call, phone call or email.

How long does it take to complete?

The NVQ has no set time limit to be completed. Our NVQ tutors and assessors are highly qualified and experienced and will do their best to ensure you achieve your NVQ in the quickest possible time. The pace in which the NVQ is completed is determined by how quickly you progress through it and provide the required evidence.